From Farm to Table - Move over Mrs. Buttersworth!

It’s important to know what you’re eating. And it’s even more important to know what you aren’t eating. We want you to know that our syrup is 100% PURE maple syrup - no additives, food colorings or artificial flavors! Once you've tried pure maple syrup, you'll never look at store bought table syrups the same!

100% Pure



  • Pure Maple Sugar
    • 1.5 oz
    • 8 oz bag
    • 16 oz bag

Our Products:

  • Pure Maple Syrup
    • 8 oz
    • 12 oz
    • 16 oz (pint)
    • 32 oz (quart)
    • 64 oz (half gallon)
    • 128 oz (gallon)

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